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Supporting Non-Profit 
Social Service Organizations

Charis Fund is a small, benevolent family trust established in 1938, intended to support projects focused on social welfare (prioritizing hunger, housing, homelessness, at-risk youth), health and education. Charis is non-denominational but often funds religious organizations which provide services in the above categories. Charis Fund aids organizations located in California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. Charis Fund has two funding cycles per year.


Charis Fund exists to support organizations addressing some of society’s greatest challenges. We provide  grants that range from $2,500 - $7,500 to small-to-medium sized non-profit agencies (501(c)(3) required) in the states of California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.


Charis Fund’s goal is to help initiate or expand programs focused on the areas below:

  • Housing issues/homelessness

     Example: New showers for a shelter, shelter program expansion

  • Food insecurity/feeding programs

     Example: Food purchase, location expansion

  • At-risk youth/education

     Example: After-school programs, mentoring support

  • Mental health/health care

     Example: Wrap around programs for families and children, counseling programs

  • Domestic violence

     Example: Furniture for safe houses, violence prevention programs

  • Substance abuse

     Example: Treatment center/program expansion, substance free housing

PLEASE NOTE: Charis Fund does not give to “the arts," to colleges, universities or individuals requesting scholarships or sponsorships and it is prohibited from giving to political or lobbying organizations or to only pre-selected charities. We give lower priority to requests for operating funds/general support.



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