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Social Service Organizations

Charis Fund is a small, benevolent family trust established in 1938, intended to support projects focused on social welfare (prioritizing hunger, housing, homelessness, at-risk youth), health and education. Charis is non-denominational but often funds religious organizations which provide services in the above categories. Charis Fund aids organizations located in California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. Charis Fund has two funding cycles per year.


The goal of the Charis Fund is to give “seed money” to help initiate or expand programs that once established, will develop ongoing and sustainable community support, rather than providing ongoing support to established programs and charities.  We prefer to support novel programs aimed at the cause of a problem rather than “treating the symptoms." Large organizations are welcome to request a grant and are often funded, but we often give preference to smaller organizations where our modest grants might make a bigger impact.

Charis Fund does not give to “the arts," nor to colleges and universities whose alumni/ae can provide needed financial support.  Charis is prohibited by law from giving to political or lobbying organizations or to only pre-selected charities.  It is also prohibited from providing scholarships or sponsoring individuals.  Charis grants typically fall in the $3,000 -$6,000 range, seldom exceeding $10,000. Grants are sometimes made for lesser amounts than requested.

Each group that Charis supports must be a nonprofit organization under the provision of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The majority of organizations funded by Charis are located in the states of California, Oregon and Washington where the trustees reside.  A Charis trustee might make a site visit to become familiar with your organization. Deadlines for the funding cycles are March 31 and September 30.



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